The Hosts

Mason Muller


My name is Mason Muller, and much like Dev I am also a bit of a poser. Unfortunately my family sold our dairy farm when I was very young but I still go through life with a very rural and "country" lifestyle. Given that there was no farm to take over, I graduated from Olds College with a diploma in Surface Land Management and currently work as a Landman. One thing you should know about me is I try to make a joke out of everything but usually I'm the only one that think's they're funny so I don't blame you for not laughing. The dream is to own a ranch someday but we'll just take er day by day for now.

Devin Vriend


My name is Devin Vriend and I'm currently an Agribusiness student at Olds College. I didn't come from the country or a rural town, as I grew up in Calgary, Alberta. However, I have been involved in agriculture since 2013. I started by feeding calves and shoveling manure at my uncle's dairy farm. From there, I have worked in different sectors of the industry. Since the summer of 2016, I decided to undertake a life in the prairies working in crops and, one day, operating a ranch.

I have gained many different experiences and stories, which will be shared in this podcast. I hope ya'll enjoy what we have to offer and are able to learn something new about western/rural culture. Maybe even a few laughs along the way